You are never alone,you have yourself !!!

We all have to face many things ,we all have to go through various ups and downs , we all have to survive several hardships, in this journey called “life”. Although this is not an entirely life-defining fact or the eternal truth of life,rather the very essence of this of which we all are a part and we all are fighting in this battle in our own ways. Many a times we may think why are we only the one who have to deal with all this in life,why not someone else. But believe me friends it is indeed the same for all the others as well.


One does not need to have a well defined vocabulary or be a learned person by going through books and thesis,rather anyone can give u their own explanation of how life has been challenging for them.But what is important is that we realize that how we take up these hardships in life,as a lesson or as an end? It is of course not possible for a person like me to go through what all you have gone through,but it is in fact possible to inspire others from your own lessons in life.

I am myself going through a phase of my life where you are burdened with several responsibilities  and you are expected to be an ideal for others who follow you specifically your  “younger ones”.I must say that it is taking a toll on me,it is in fact a hard time,it is making me believe that all these problems and sadness in life is never ending and it is always going to be like this.I am at a stage in life where you want to be free ,you want to have new experiences ,socialize with people,achieve something in life but all what you get is agony,hatred,taunts and pressure from all walks of life that jail you within your own self.

Dear friends,it is really important that we realize that these things are a part of life,some have to deal with it early or some late,to some it does not effect but to some it leaves an ever lasting effect and teaches them a new lesson to success in life.As it is said that “You learn from your failures”, it is in fact even said that “You learn from your struggles in life”. But what is even more important is to know that it is also that phase in an individual’s life where you may feel that you are alone and will always be alone.


You need to know that people may come and go,but the one who will always remain with you is you,yourself. I strongly believe that self-reliance is what we need to accept in life.When you have no one give yourself the confidence that you have you,who can conquer all the bad in life ,who can overcome all the hardships that come in your way.No one else but you know that how you can tackle your problems.This should be a mantra of our life,i have adapted this in my life and i must confess that it has brought in me a new sense of confidence ,a new attitude towards life and a new passion to do things in life which i had never done. When you start believing that all you have or what you will ever have will be because of your own achievements you realize your worth,it makes you respectful in your own eyes.

So always remember that” YOU ARE NEVER ALONE BECAUSE YOU ALWAYS HAVE YOURSELF “,rigid,strong,faithful,loyal and the ever-lasting….!!!



“Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts. All depends on the principles which direct them.”

                                                                                              – Napoleon Bonaparte

As these words by the great leader suggests,that the difference between what we are and what we want to become completely depends on what ambitions we choose for  ourselves.Everyone at some stage of their lives had set some goals to be achieved,some motives to be fulfilled,some ambitions to be seen taking its shape!!! It is human behavior that we are never satisfied or content with whatever we have and thus in order to achieve the best for us or something that we consider will make us somewhat superior to others coexisting with us in the same society,we strive hard to achieve it.We give these “something”,the name “AMBITION”!

It is an all knowing fact that our life is mortal,and that we all have to die some day.But a thing that strikes us is that why shouldn’t we live with a purpose.Unknowingly that this purpose later becomes the reason we live.We have all come across people who when asked that “What do u wanna become in your life?” or ” what are your ambitions?” With people replying to become a doctor,engineer,banker,businessman,author etc….But what we realize is that in fact the sole purpose of every individual nowadays is more towards earning money and not following their interests…


I truly believe that this should never happen.Being ambitious is good,because then we learn what all we have to achieve in life and never be egoistic or content in the little we have rather strive to achieve much better.But these ambitions need to make you a better human as well,an ambition should be great not for the world but for YOU,YOURSELF!

Also an ambition should never be above practicality or above your capacities.An ambition should not only benefit you as an individual rather it should be a holistic approach with all the people in the society get benefited because of your strengths. Today’s younger generation should also realize that an ambition should never come in between your responsibilities towards your family,friends,society,religion or nature.

According to me your ambition should make you a better person.So do strive hard,dream of fulfilling your aspirations but never lose the real you,because that is what makes you different from

This is not just to superficially explain or give you an apt definition of what an “Ambition” is…rather an insight for you to realize that being  ambitious is what all it takes!!! 🙂

A beginning…

"The Beginning" Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds.A word that symbolizes birth,a revolution,an upheaval or to be more precise a plan that has led to a successful starting. It is my first blog and i believe, it aptly describes my first step as a blogger.

Beginning is in itself a word of inspiration that can compel a person to be hopeful for a positive outcome, irrespective of whether it is a first timer or someone who has some particular targets to be achieved at some specific times in life. A beginning can be anything for people in different fields.It may signify the birth of a new one in the family that has now begun the very first step of its life “the birth”, or it maybe one’s very first step to overcome its fears,or to setup a new business or the authors first page of its righting.

Thus it would not be wrong to treat a new beginning as a new life,which decides not only your future but even your present as it gives you that perfect solace that you ever desire in doing something that makes you happy.So everyone out there who dreams to accomplish their dreams ,make a beginning, make a start,take a step.Do not worry about the outcome as a path cannot be made without the foundation steps kept.